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Heavy Duty, Textured Engine Baffles

If you're looking to replace the worn-out engine baffles currently in your aircraft, textured engine baffles provide a host of advantages and unique features. The texture comes from increased fiberglass reinforcement, giving them a longer wear life and more engine protection than a conventional smooth silicone engine baffle. For a slightly increased weight, you buy yourself significantly more engine protection with the use of a textured engine baffle.

The textured heavy-duty engine baffles offered by Brown Aircraft are FAA-approved replacement materials, certified to provide the highest levels of protection and airflow in your aircraft engine. Our selection includes several sizes, weights and colors, ranging from plain T-8071 black engine baffle material to textured engine baffles in blue and red colors.

Brown Aircraft has been providing the finest replacement silicone engine baffle material to the aviation community for over 25 years, offering the best airflow and cooling properties to ensure the top performance and long life of your aircraft engine. Browse our selection today and find the heavy-duty engine baffles that best fit your specific aircraft application.

This is our Heavy Duty Silicone Engine Baffle Seal. It is manufactured from a heavy duty fiberglass reinforcement mat that provides excellent reinforcement and stability to the engine baffle seal. Proper airflow for cooling is important in the operation and life of your aircraft engine so using a quality product and time tested product is important. We have been manufacturing this product for over 25 years. The FAA called out our product in AD-92-26-02 as an approved replacement in those applications.