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Aircraft Hoses  Fuel Lines, Sceet Ducting and More

Aircraft Hoses  Fuel Lines, Sceet Ducting and More

Like most engines, the engine in your aircraft relies on hoses, ducting and tubing to do its job effectively. The right aircraft hoses move and deliver the fuel, air, and more that your aircraft needs; ducting helps to provide airflow and heat shielding, instrument hoses ensure the correct operation of flight navigation and dashboard equipment. All of these things are critical to the optimal performance of your aircraft.

When it comes time to replace or repair hoses, Brown Aircraft provides everything you need for aircraft ducting repair and replacing hoses for oil, fuel, instruments and more.

Our replacement aircraft fuel hose, available in several lengths, provides efficient delivery of fuel from tank to engine, designed to withstand the rigors of flight. Other common aircraft hoses include oil hoses, vent hoses, and instrument hoses; all designed to perform in flight conditions and meeting all FAA guidelines. Ducting is critical to ensuring proper ventilation, and we offer Scat and Sceet ducting to provide the airflow you need for exceptional flight perform. Fire sleeves are critical to safety, insulating lines such as fuel, oil, hydraulic and propeller feathering  all fire sleeves at Brown Aircraft meet FAATSO standards to ensure the safety of you and your aircraft.

The right hoses ensure a safe, smooth and successful flight  browse our selection below to find the aircraft hoses you need today with Brown Aircraft.