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Light Aviation Lights - Navigation, Landing and More.

Light Aviation Lights - Navigation, Landing and More.

Airplane lights are one of the most important, if not the most important electrical system on your light aircraft. Not only does the FAA require certain lighting systems with certain specifications, but the correct lighting is critical to a safe and successful flight. Having insufficient aviation lights leads to poor navigation, unsafe landings, collisions, and many other flight issues.

At Brown Aircraft, we offer all the aviation lights you need to ensure your aircraft is within FAA compliance, as well as ensuring a smooth, safe, successful flight. All airplane lights within our collection are certified to comply with FAA lighting regulations for small aircraft.

Aircraft navigation lights are a critical lighting system required for flight, which allow aircraft to recognize one another during flight, as well as to indicate right-of-way by employing a green or red signal. Also critical to the success of your flight are anti-collision aviation lights, which serve to alert ground personnel of aircraft activity. Aircraft landing lights are perhaps the lighting system most critical to the pilot, helping to illuminate the ground below during aircraft landing.

Brown Aircraft offers all of these aviation lights and more, ensuring you a safe and successful flight. Browse our selection to find the right aircraft lights today, or contact us - we'll ensure you get the aviation lights you need to keep flying safely.