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Back in 1962, Brown Aircraft Supply began as an aerial photography and banner-towing company operated by Clarence Brown and Bob Franke under the name Brown Franke Enterprises.

Soon the sole operator, Mr. Brown merged his love of photography, planes and nature, taking to the skies with a camera in an Aeronca Champ. He banked over construction sites, government properties, special events and more throughout the Southeast, capturing on film whatever clients needed photographed from above. He also drew the eyes of spectators on the ground to sky-slicing banners, uniquely advertising clients events, products and services. And as he buzzed over the Jacksonville area, he provided commuters with traffic reports through WAPE-FM radio station.

After a crash that left him in the hospital for months, his wife, Rachel, urged him to channel his enthusiasm into other projects. That led him to move the business in a new direction, becoming an F.A.A. repair station specializing in tire recapping. In time, his services were so in demand, Mr. Brown was flying all over the Southeast picking up tires that needed retreading. That part of the business was not without excitement, as well. He once had to make an emergency landing on a country road when a stowaway passenger a snake emerged from one of the tires he was transporting.

As Clarence and Rachel Brown saw the growing need for an aftermarket source for parts for small aircraft, they began producing rubber seals for a variety of uses in general aviation. Year by year, they added a growing number of parts to their inventory. Meanwhile, so that Clarence could invest in the company and pursue their dream of providing the best possible aircraft supplies, Rachel kept their goals airborne by working as a cashier to help support the family.

Brown Aircraft Supply quickly built a strong reputation in the aviation community by developing and manufacturing quality products, including window seals, trim seals, wing root and a heavy-duty engine baffle that fits any prop plane.

Pilots, mechanics and repair shops soon came to rely on Brown Aircraft Supply for a wide variety of products, especially the T-8071 and T-95182 silicone engine baffle material that's easily custom-fitted to any small plane. The popular RB-5022 door seal is a replacement for nearly any Piper aircraft, and many other makes, as well. Both the engine baffle materials and door seal are Signature products, manufactured only at Brown Aircraft Supply.

Mr. Brown continued to run the business until his unfortunate passing in June 2001 after a tragic car crash. With the support of family, Mrs. Brown pushed on alone, managing the company until granddaughter, Ammie Goodin, and husband, Josh, purchased it in October 2003.

Now, as the third generation to work in the family business, Ammie and Josh have continued to run the 55-year-old company with the same tradition of quality and service, thankful for the dedication of their sales and manufacturing staff. The company has since gone global, now serving customers all over the world who know and trust hundreds of parts offered through the Brown Aircraft Supply brand.

Even during tough economic times, Brown Aircraft Supply continues as the No. 1 source for general aviation replacement seals and materials. This family-operated company still stands on the foundation that was built nearly half a century ago--a commitment to value and service, with the experience, quality and integrity customers can count on.

Brown Aircraft Supply now provides wholesale parts to distributors, while continuing to sell as a retailer, as well. The company continues to expand, and is working now on manufacturing even more parts needed by the general aviation community.

At Brown Aircraft Supply, we firmly believe that the best measures of quality are time and reputation.

Quality doesn't cost it pays!