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The Leader in Aircraft Seals

For over 50 years, Brown Aircraft Supply has specialized in manufacturing aircraft door seals, aircraft insulation, and a range of aviation gaskets and seals for different aircraft manufacturers and for our own product line in the aftermarket replacement seals. We have concentrated our efforts in being the number one supplier of rubber aircraft seals used in the general aviation market. All of our aircraft seals are manufactured to meet the highest of standards in the industry and are controlled by our quality control system that is written in accordance with the F.A.A. standard FAR21.137

Finding the Correct Aircraft Seals & Custom Seals

Finding the right seal can be a difficult task - at Brown Aircraft, we try to make things as simple as possible by offering our dealers a sample kit of our rubber airplane seals, so that they can select the right one for their repair project. The BA-100 sample kit has long been a much desired sample catalog for many repair, maintenance and paint shops in the aviation industry. This kit features hundreds of samples of our aviation gaskets and seals, allowing repair professionals to quickly match and locate the correct airplane seal for their project.

As one of our customers put it: "The sample kit allows me to know that the seal will work, and I know what I'm getting because I've already tested the sample. That's what makes it nice."

If you are unable to locate the seal needed for your application please contact our sales staff so that we can assist you. We are always looking at new aircraft seals to add to the ever growing Brown Aircraft product line, so if you have a suggestion or custom project please forward it to us at [email protected] and we will work with you to deliver the seals you need for your project. The sample kit contains a 2-3 inch sample of approx. 130 different seals that we stock and carry.