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Pilot Shop Supplies From Brown Aircraft

Pilot Shop Supplies From Brown Aircraft

Clarence Brown, founder of Brown Aircraft Supply, was himself a pilot, so from the beginning - almost 50 years ago -- the company has identified with the needs of small-aircraft pilots. To make sure that those who fly Pipers, Cessnas and other small private planes have the pilot equipment and aircraft accessories they need, Brown Aircraft Supply maintains an inventory of common flight supplies needed for success in flight.

Some of the more basic tools stocked by BAS include pilot logbooks, navigational plotters, flight computers, aircraft flight logs and flight bags. Aircraft accessories, such as tie-downs and fuel testers, are also available in Brown's pilot shop. Although pilots seldom suffer from motion sickness, the same cannot be said for all passengers, so an onboard supply of air-sick bags can be handy.

Aircraft Accessories & Pilot Equipment for Successful Flight

Brown also carries a supply of warning decals and placards, from aircraft ID to fuel decals. "Remove before flight" covers and tags serve as visual reminders of tasks that need to be completed prior to takeoff. For those operating out of fields with less-than-optimal equipment, windsocks and frames are offered in a variety of sizes.

Whatever flight supplies and pilot equipment you might need, Brown Aircraft Supply is ready to assist you. Customers have relied on Brown's service, experience and commitment to quality for nearly half a century, and as a family operated business, we aim to uphold these standards with each order we fill. Browse our selection of pilot shop products below to begin.