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Airplane Tape for Every Purpose

Airplane Tape for Every Purpose

Brown Aircraft Supply has been providing quality aviation products for almost five decades. Among the many products the company offers are the various tapes that are commonly used to maintain aviation equipment. From leading edge tape to chafe tapes, we offer everything aviation professionals need to keep their planes flying.

Chafe tape and material is used on aircraft for a variety of reasons. Adhesive-backed Teflon chafe tape is most frequently applied between aluminum skins to eliminate rubbing, but it can also be applied to other areas that need smoothing, such as around seams. Neoprene and silicone chafe material prevents rubbing, but is designed to double as a seal. Cotton webbing serves a similar function. Cotton webbing, neoprene and silicone chafe material is available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and roll lengths. Teflon adhesive tape is available in 1- and 3-inch widths.

Leading edge aviation tape is applied to help protect painted surfaces on the aircraft from gravel and rock chips, and it also protects the paint from the ravages of time. Insulation tape is a high-density, closed-cell synthetic rubber with an adhesive back that is designed to help seal air leaks, providing a more comfortable, quieter flight.

All of the airplane tapes sold by Brown Aircraft Supply meet or exceed the FAA standards for aviation materials. Should the stock sizes not meet your needs, Brown Aircraft offers custom sizes on many items. Like all of the parts and supplies sold, tapes are backed by a company with a solid reputation and decades of experience in the aviation industry. Choose a tape type below to find the right products for your aviation needs.