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Aircraft Wires and Cables

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Aircraft Wires and Cables

Aircraft wire and cable is a critical component of your aircraft's construction and must be replaced when worn and frayed. At Brown Aircraft, The American Society for Testing and Materials has certified the cables that we offer, ensuring your safety as well as ensuring the aircraft cable and wire we offer is durable and will perform even in extreme aviation conditions.

Brown Aircraft offers a full range of aircraft wire in several diameters. Our offerings include Tefzel wire available in several different spool sizes. Tefzel wire is especially durable because it's coated with a form of plastic that resists corrosion and maintains strength in cold and hot conditions, making it well-suited to aviation applications and making it the preferred insulated wire for aircraft applications.

Aircraft ground strapping is another critical wire to have on hand, which grounds circuits and prevent electrical interface within the engine and electrical systems. Battery cable is yet another critical cable type, an insulated cable which delivers a current from battery to engine components. No matter what aircraft wire you choose, choose Brown Aircraft - we have decades of experience in helping aviation professionals, and are eager to help you next. Choose a wire below or call us at 1-904-396-6655 for help in choosing the right wire for your aircraft.