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Aviation Fuel Testing

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Aircraft Pre-Flight Fuel Sampling GATS Jar - Return Fuel to Tank | Brown Aircraft Supply Gats Fuel Tester 12oz
Retail Price: $25.36

Aviation Fuel Testing

Aviation fuel testing is a critical component of any pre-flight inspection. Aviation fuel can be containment with any number of things. Water has the potential to get into the fuel system and cause engine damage and failure. Containments such as metal scraps and debris can be sucked into the engine and cause damage and more. By taking a small fuel sample before flight, you can check the purity of fuel, ensuring the proper operation of your aircraft.

Brown Aircraft offers the Gats Jar Fuel Tester, one of the best products for aviation fuel testing. This airplane fuel tester allows you to return fuel to the aircraft, rather than dumping after testing - a practice now discouraged by the FAA. The clear plastic of this airplane fuel tester allows you to easily spot contamination including debris and metal particles, and allows for separation of fuel and water, making it easy to ensure your fuel is flight-ready.

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