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Piper & Cessna Strut Kits - Sealing Made Easy

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Piper & Cessna Strut Kits - Sealing Made Easy

Aircraft struts must be properly sealed to ensure the proper hydraulic pressure and performance. Incorrect sealing on aircraft struts make for rougher landings and decreased dampening performance. And, as with any aircraft seal, aircraft strut seals will wear out over time.

Brown Aircraft offers several aircraft strut seal kits to make resealing struts simple - no confusion or wasted time. Each Piper Strut Kit or Cessna Strut Kit is designed to correspond to particular models and provide a tight-fitting seal. Main and nose strut seal kits are both available. Each Cessna Strut Kit or Piper Strut Kit provides a seal for one strut and is individually sealed and lot numbered for guaranteed traceability.

Strut seal kits are available for most Cessna and Piper models including the PA series from Piper: Cessnas including the 150, 320, 337 models and more. Browse our selection below.