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Airplane Gaskets & High-Temperature Seals

Airplane Gaskets & High-Temperature Seals

In order to keep your aircraft's powertrain clean and running smooth & efficiently, Brown Aircraft offers a wide range of replacement aviation gaskets for repair and maintenance. These include fuel cap gaskets, fuel system gaskets, O-ring kits, valve cover gaskets and gascolator gaskets.

We also have fuel system gaskets in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. Fuel-resistant gascolator gaskets measure 2- 2.25 inches in diameter and work to remove the water from your fuel system, improving your aircraft's overall performance and function. Our fuel cap gaskets are available in diameters ranging from 2-4 inches and thicknesses from 1/18-1/8 inch. Manufactured with rubber material, these products are strong and durable, perfect for your fuel cap needs. With high-temperature seals and gaskets for the main bladder, the fuel transmitter and the fuel boost pump, among others, you'll find everything you need for top engine performance with Brown Aircraft.

Our 382-piece Aircraft O-ring kit contains 30 different sizes of rubber O-rings that are compatible with most petroleum, hydrocarbons and fuels. These O-rings are applicable to nearly every part of your aircraft's construction and are a great set to have on hand for aircraft maintenance and repair. Our silicone valve cover gaskets are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. The silicon construction makes these valve covers more durable than their cork counterparts, and they are reusable.

No matter what part of your aircraft you need to seal, Brown Aircraft offers the high-temperature seals and aviation gaskets you need to get the best performance and a longer life from your aircraft. Browse our selection today!