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The Finest in Firewall Forward Technology

Brown Aircraft Supply has been the manufacturer of the quality engine baffles, using the highest quality materials (T-8071 & T-95182) on the market. We carry not only neoprene and silicone engine baffles, but a full line of aviation engine insulation supplies - hoses, cork and rubber sheeting, and everything else you need to keep your engine protected.

Worn out engine baffles, or insufficient firewall forward insulation; can cause serious harm to your aircraft - causing engine damage, frame damage, and potential injury as well as equipment failure. By using the correct high temperature rubber sheet along with a quality engine baffle and firewall forward configuration, you can ensure the temperature of your aviation engine is controlled, allowing it to perform with maximum power and efficiency; and increasing the life of your engine.

For almost 3 decades, thousands of aviation professionals have trusted our engine baffles to keep their aircraft in optimal condition. For more information about engine baffles and firewall forward, visit our Engine Baffles page for frequently asked questions and guidance on choosing the correct firewall forward equipment for your specific aircraft, or contact us for even more specific information on choosing the correct engine baffles and firewall forward equipment.