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Aviation Seals for Windows and Windshields

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Brown Aircraft 1522-86 Neoprene Rubber Window Seal Online | Brown Aircraft Supply BA-1522-86 Neoprene Seal
Retail Price: $8.45
BA-1522 Vinyl Nitrile rubber Aircraft Windshield Moulding Seal | Brown Aircraft Supply BA-1522 Windshield Moulding
Retail Price: $11.94
Emergency Exit Window Seal - Rubber Aircraft Seals | Brown Aircraft Supply Emergency Exit Window Seal
Retail Price: $717.51
All Kleer Plastic Windshield Cleaner & Polish for Small Planes | Brown Aircraft Supply ALL Kleer 8oz Bottle
List Price: $10.92
Retail Price: $9.48
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Aviation Seals for Windows and Windshields

Some of the most common areas for air leaks are the windows and windshield of your aircraft. An airplane window seal, like any other seal, will wear out with time and allow air to enter your aircraft. Having a worn out aviation seal, particularly on the windows, can cause a multitude of issues from a less comfortable flight due to air leakage allowing cold high-altitude air in, to cabin depressurization - a much more serious issue.

Aviation weatherstripping must be carefully designed to withstand the pressures and requirements of flight operations. If a neoprene seal on your car windshields cracks, you might experience some colder air coming in - that's really the only issue. If that same thing happens on an aircraft, you're looking at decreased aerodynamics, significantly colder air, and potential depressurization - all of which pose significant risks.

At Brown Aircraft, we specialize in providing top-quality aviation seals for every part of your aircraft, including an airplane window seal selection which features products designed to last and withstand the unique circumstances of an aviation environment. Most of our aviation seals are a neoprene seal, which is heat and cold resistant, and designed to last for several years. This prevents air leaks, potential depressurization, and ensures your aircraft is at maximum performance. Browse our selection today to find the aviation seals you need for a safe, comfortable flight.