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Wing Walk Tape & Aviation Anti-Skid Tapes

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Safety is an important consideration when working on an aircraft or handling tasks in the hangar. Aviation anti-skid tape, also commonly referred to as wing walk tape, can be used on wings, steps or other areas where sure-footedness is essential, giving you security when performing aircraft maintenance activities.

Brown Aircraft Supply carries wing walk tape in widths ranging from 1 to 18 inches. For larger aircraft and commercial service hangars, 60-foot rolls offer an economical solution, and select widths are offered in as little as a linear foot. Safety walk tape provides added traction to the smooth metal surfaces of your aircraft to help prevent slips as you perform repairs and inspections. The peel-and-stick adhesive forms a strong bond and makes it easy to apply this non-skid material for planes in a matter of seconds.

For almost half a century, Brown Aircraft Supply has been providing quality supplies and parts to pilots, aircraft mechanics and aviation experts. A family run business, the company is now operated by the founder's granddaughter and her husband; continuing the tradition of integrity, value and service that has defined the company since its founding. Get the safety walk tape and materials you need for your aircraft, and ensure safety when working on your aerospace equipment - browse our selection below.