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Aircraft Engine Oil Filters


Aircraft Engine Oil Filters

Every engine relies on having clean oil to achieve peak performance. Over time sediment and buildup can occur in aviation engines - and without the correct aviation oil filter that sediment can decrease engine performance and efficiency, potentially causing engine damage and failure. This can not only cause expensive repairs and flight delays, but even a crash should the aircraft engine fail during flight.

Using the correct aviation oil filters, and routinely changing those filters, is a small and relatively inexpensive maintenance procedure that goes a long way towards preventing engine failure. Brown Aircraft offers both Champion oil filters and Tempest oil filters. Both trusted names in the aviation community, these aircraft oil filters come in a variety of sizes to fit various aircraft and work with various oil types.

Brown Aircraft has provided the aviation community with a full range of aircraft maintenance supplies for decades.  Browse our selection of aviation oil filters below, or visit our aviation oil department and our other departments, to find everything you need for aircraft maintenance today.