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High Quality, Durable Engine Baffles

Here's What every pilot knows.....
the warnings signs are usually small but obvious. They don't typically cause an issue all of a sudden, it usually progresses and worsens. I'm going to guess you've looked at your engine baffles and thought, I probably need to look into that, they don't look so good? Over time they've been patched and band aided to the point your not sure which is old and which is new, you just know you have some engine baffles on your airplane. The question should be what could that be causing? Is it doing damage that you don't notice right now? What could that cost me if I just ignore it. Those questions can't be answered until a problem or issue arises but, we believe a lot of planes could stand to make a small improvement that offers a little more protection and better air flow. What we do know is, engine temps mean everything when it comes to protecting your engine and the health and longevity of it. So why not pull the cowling off and do a little visual inspecting or mention to your mechanic during your next annual?

For over 3 decades, Brown Aircraft Supply has been the manufacturer of the quality engine baffles, using the highest quality materials (T-8071 & T-95182) on the market.

Our high temperature silicone engine baffles and neoprene baffles are the choice of many MRO facilities and flight schools when it comes to repairing the fleet and the prized aircraft of their valued customers. We offer a variety of baffles, including Cessna engine baffles and baffles suitable for Beechcraft, Piper, Cirrus and Mooney models. Our T-8071 & T-95182 textured finish material engine baffles are recognized by the FAA as an approved replacement material for several prop plane models.

As an owner, operator, or mechanic you understand the importance of aircraft engine temperature and the harm that excessive heat can bring about to an aircraft engine. That's why we focus on manufacturing engine baffles that will not just replace your old worn out baffles, but will add value by protecting the greatest asset on your aircraft.

>When it comes to protecting the engine of your aircraft, bad judgment could leave you a little too hot under the hood. Our engine baffles are trusted by professionals everywhere to protect their aircraft engines. Browse our selection, or give us a call to find the right engine baffles for your aircraft.