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Aeroshell Aircraft Grease

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High-Quality Aircraft AeroShell Grease for Sale

In earlier times, the aviation industry required a special grease for every purpose or section of the craft. Each grease had to meet very specific requirements, such as melting point or operating temperature. Luckily, technological advances have led to the development of multipurpose greases, such as AeroShell Grease 22, which can be used for virtually all anti-friction bearing applications.

Another excellent multipurpose lubricant is AeroShell Grease 7. With an operating temperature range of minus 73 degrees Celsius to 149 degrees Celsius and superior load-carrying capabilities, it's often used for various applications in fleet operations.

Despite the outstanding performance offered by multipurpose greases, some applications still require a more specialized lubricant. Brown Aircraft has you covered though. For example, we stock AeroShell 33MS, which is fortified to provide enhanced anti-corrosion and anti-wear protection. AeroShell No. 5 is designed to be used as an aircraft wheel bearing grease as well as in engine accessories that must operate at relatively high temperatures and at high speeds.

Have questions about which AeroShell grease is right for your aircraft? Contact our team of experts today. We're happy to help!